Placing the right people in the right roles

Psychometric analysis plays an important role in modern recruitment. Our service is used predominantly by business owners who wish to single out the most suitable candidates for a position from all other applicants. To achieve this, we provide advanced psychometric testing that identifies personality facets such as assertiveness, cautiousness and friendliness. Analysis of this kind enables employers to better understand the characteristics of candidates. This knowledge is used to enhance traditional recruitment techniques, ensuring that the right person is hired for the job. By analysing the essential personality traits required by a particular role, and finding the candidate who best displays these traits, the process is a natural and seamless one that places the right person in your business.

Employers benefit from psychometric testing because they are able to rely on its accuracy and objectivity. Psychometric analysis can save business owners money by ensuring that the most suitable candidates are identified from the selection process at the earliest opportunity, as this tends to reduce the cost of recruitment and training. A worker who matches a position will likely perform well and require minimal ongoing support. Demonstrating ambition, motivation and job satisfaction, the successful employee can also be expected to remain in position for an extended period, bringing stability and experience to the team, which in turn can increase productivity, morale and staff development.

we'll help you with...

  • recruiting key staff
  • identifying required qualities
  • writing job descriptions
  • maximising strengths
  • personality trait analysis
  • saving costs in the long term
  • tailoring jobs to people
  • improving performance
  • understanding your staff
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An invaluable insight

Certified by the British Psychological Society (BPS), our psychometric testing provides employers with a unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of existing or prospective members of staff. Making the crucial match between a role's requirements and the strengths of a candidate is at the heart of what we do.


Our service also includes assistance with the creation of job descriptions and person specifications. By analysing the nature of the job you are advertising, we can produce a profile of the candidate who will be best suited to the role. This, in turn, allows you to filter applicants and ensure that the person you recruit will fit well into their new position.

Whether you are finding a specific person for a role, or finding a position that will best suit an individual's strengths, the ultimate aim is always the same - to make sure your workplace is productive, positive and profitable.

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