Staff profiling: finding the right formula

Psychometric testing can reduce costs and increase productivity by ensuring that employers bring the right people together to create balanced, cohesive teams. A functional workforce is one that evenly combines personality types. There must be a delicate mix of leaders and followers, individuals and team players. We are able to assist employers with the creation of team profiles. This means identifying the most suitable personality traits for each role and within groups. Our psychometric tests can then be used to distinguish the characteristics of each employee, enabling employers to objectively assess the deployment of personnel and the structure of teams, as well as providing a wider view of the working culture within the business.

Reorganising a workforce can be enough to stimulate productivity and boost team morale. Sometimes the redeployment of just one or two workers is sufficient to motivate an entire team. In this respect, the practical benefits of psychometric testing for employers are numerous. The process of identifying personality types can help employers make informed decisions during transitional periods, such as when a company downsizes, expands or experiences a change in management. Psychometric analysis can also help employers identify which workers might be suitable for internal promotion, or which team members are focused, content and enthusiastic in their present roles.

we'll help you with...

  • identifying training needs
  • improving staff retention
  • avoiding personality clashes
  • isolating negative influences
  • building better teams
  • eliminating weak links
  • improving staff development
  • keeping staff motivated
  • managing change effectively
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A fresh perspective

Building great teams requires a new perspective on workers. Although critical appraisal of employees' performance is important, understanding who they are and how they interact with others is essential for nurturing a productive, harmonious working environment that naturally caters for the needs of its workers not just in business terms, but also from the point of view of their emotional well-being and long-term development.


Certified by the BPS, our psychometric testing service provides you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about how to combine your employees' skills and personalities to achieve the optimum effect in your business.

No business owner can afford to underestimate the importance of striking the right balance of people. At all levels of an organisation, the wrong mix of personality traits can have a disastrous effect - but get it right, and you can reap rich rewards.

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